“America in Color: The Contrast Series”, a solo exhibition by Brian Dailey, opening tonight at Stephan Stoyanov Gallery

The premiere solo exhibition in New York City for DC based artist Brian Dailey opens tonight at the Stephan Stoyanov Gallery. Laumont worked with the artist to print and mount the photographs on display at 29 Orchard Street. The 4’ by 8’ panels were printed on Kodak Endura glossy paper in the Lightjet department.

Over the span of nine months, Dailey traveled across the United States through many rural and urban cities. He arranged spontaneous photo-shoots with the diverse residents in each location visited. Curated by Simon Watson, America in Color: The Contrast Series is a collection of portraits depicting the nation’s citizens in front of a background color of their choice. Coinciding with this year’s presidential election, the color selection represents each individual’s voting preference. Red is for the Republican party, blue is for the Democratic party, the Green party is depicted by the color green, the Independent party is represented by grey, and the color yellow signifies the individuals who do not vote.


Brian Dailey’s America in Color: The Contrast Series will be on display from October 17th through November 18th at Stephen Stoyanov Gallery, located at 29 Orchard Street in Manhattan. The opening reception will take place on October 17th from 6 to 9pm.