Boo Ritson at BravinLee

Boo Ritson‘s solo show, All Aboard, opens tonight at BravinLee in Chelsea.  Laumont Studio is pleased to have been involved in the production for this show including mounting, framing and printing.

From the gallery’s press release:

Defying simple categorization, Boo Ritson’s work straddles the realms of painting, sculpture, performance and photography.  Ritson conceives a character and costumes the model/sitter.  She then paints directly on the sitter’s exposed skin and costume before documenting the result photographically.

This show includes two works, Prairie View and Bear Creek, part of a new thread of work in which Ritson uses the popular Lookie-loo motif, in which a sitter places his head in a hole cut atop a painted figure scene backdrop.

In these two new pieces, Boo Ritson writes, “the scenic backgrounds and the odd visual collisions of everyday life are manifested in punctured paintings. Heads pop up through the canvas and are covered in paint, their activities populating the landscape with the possibly sinister narratives that can occur in the mind of the distance traveler idling away a long journey.

The lone female in an unfamiliar landscape collides with the desire to experience hedonistic freedoms: the dip in the lake becomes an atmospheric montage of all the films she has seen, and her mind places a creature on the bank, its intentions a figment of her over-active imagination.

Boo Ritson lives and works in London and received her MA in sculpture from the Royal College of Art. Her work has appeared on the covers of Art World her last exhibition at BravinLee was reviewed in Art in America, and an interview appears in the current issue of Garage Magazine.

Here is the recent interview with Boo Riston and Becky Poostchi in Garage Magazine, Winter/Fall 2011.