Laumont designs and build crates on a custom basis to protect your artworks  during transportation or long term storage. Crates may be ordered for any artwork of any form, to suit any  need. Our standard crates are made of regulation birch plywood with sturdy corners, reinforced edges and  custom handles. They are also built snug to the wrapped mounted or framed artwork. We safely pack and build  the crates in-house for shipments to clients, museums, galleries and art fairs, both in the US and overseas.
Please  contact our crating manager for more information and assistance, at 212-245-2113 ext. 8 or

Please click here for our crating price guide.

sizenormal (bare) cratepadded crate
20 x 24 x4$50$90
20 x 30 x4$75$135
24 x 30 x4$85$153
30 x 30 x4$90$162
30 x 36 x4$108$194
30 x 40 x4$125$225
40 x 40 x4$160$270
40 x 50 x4$200$360
48 x 50 x4$240$432
48 x 72 x4$346$622
48 x 84 x4$403$726
48 x 96 x4$461$829
60 x 60 x4$396$713
60 x 72 x4$475$855
60 x 96 x4$634$1,140
60 x 120 x4$792$1,426
72 x 120 x4$950$1,711

All prices indicate the interior size of the crate.
All standard crates are four inches deep; please
add an additional 20% per each additional four inches.