Jennifer Wen Ma’s Multi-Media Installation at Art021

Jennifer Wen Ma
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Presented by INK Studio, Jennifer Wen Ma participated in this year’s Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair.  She debuted a new floor installation entitled “Exhaustive” along with a series of photographic prints.  The artist collaborated with Laumont on the production of limited edition pigment prints for the exhibition.

Ma’s practice pulls together elements and cultural references in unforeseen ways by using multiple forms of media: installation, drawing, video, public art, design performance, and theater.  The artist’s application of Chinese ink direct to live plants and landscape is prevalent through multiple bodies of work.  This process stunts photosynthesis without killing the plant and encourages spurts of growth; green leaves continue to burst out beyond the ink, demonstrating the resilience of life.  Throughout history, Chinese ink has been utilized for expression and communication in East Asia.  Please refer to the artist’s website to read more about her practice. Photo courtesy of Cindy Ma.