Renate Aller’s “Oceanscapes” at the Parrish Art Museum

Artists Choose Artists, at The Parrish Art Museum in Southampton brings the work of the exhibition’s seven East End jurors alongside those of the local artists they have selected.

Renate Aller is one of the two artists chosen by Ross Bleckner, who is “known for canvases that hover between abstraction and representation.”  Renate Aller’s own works “display an ethereal quality similar to [Mr. Bleckner’s] own, except in photographs rather than paint.  Mr. Bleckner’s ‘Separated by a Curtain,’ from 2010, is a large canvas with fuzzy concentric circles reminiscent of an iris and pupil. The three images from Renate Aller’s series ‘Oceanscapes — One View: 1999 to Present,’ from 2009, are similarly spectral and evocative, with swirling masses of clouds dwarfing the slivers of sea at the bottom of the photographs.”  (Martha Schwendener, The New York Times – September 25, 2011)

Laumont Studio is proud of its long association with Renate Aller.  She describes her experience working with the pigment department’s master printer:  “our working relationship has had a very strong collaborative nature…underpinned by her understanding of and appreciation for the artistic intent of my projects.”

Renate Aller released a book in 2010 entitled, Oceanscapes: One View Ten Years, which includes 47 four-color illustrations, essays by Richard B. Woodward and Dr. Petra Roettig as well as an interview with the artist by Jasmin Seck.  Detailed information on the book is available on her website.