Cate Woodruff Solo Show: Light Minded

           In Cate Woodruff’s solo show at SL Gallery, she experiments with homemade lenses, and uses light to explore a new way of seeing. The formlessness of the subjects speaks to Woodruff’s fascination with the inner workings of how we see and perceive light and objects. Both pieces were created through our UV Printing Process on Plexi. This show was open from January 8th - March 4th 2020.  Click the photos for more info.

         “Objects seem defined, but experiences are fleeting and impermanent; there is no separation in the life force, the molecules that hold us all together. When I work with reflective surfaces and homemade camera lenses crafted from found objects, photographs reveal unnoticed space, energy and light. Letting go of what I believe in with my eyes, allows me to pass through the wall of conceptua- lization and  photograph what I don't habitually fixate on, to see what we are all absolutely comprised of.”

          "The sculpture to the left (Empty Space Inside an Argument 2019) consists of three sets of six shapes, on which photographs of light captured with hand-made lenses between reflective surfaces have been printed. The shapes are the empty spaces between letters in the argumentative repetitive words, NOTNOTNOT. Space inside an argument exists beyond our fixation with fear, anger and aggression. In an argument, empty space, silence and bliss exist between words and action and are often an unnoticed through line obscured from consciousness by our attention to a desired outcome. These silences and spaces contain intelligence beyond the self, connected to endless empty space."