Pure image capture is the first and perhaps most crucial step in the digital imaging process. Our highly skilled staff works in collaboration with you to reproduce your originals the way they are meant to be. At Laumont, all detail and film grain is captured in full density range for all varieties of printing and reproduction. Not only is full tonal range captured, including the highlights and dark shadows, but essential film characteristics (such as speed, grain and film type) are also honored.

Scans start as low as $25

Please call or email our scanning manager, Tom Hurley, for more information and assistance, at 212-245-7710 or scanning@laumont.com

Please click here for our scanning services price guide.

Laumont has the best combination of proven and established drum scanning equipment with highly skilled and experienced operators. Drum scanning with the most appropriate of five established drum scanners provides the most original and high quality resolution scans for your originals
up to 20″ x 24″
Our grand-format Cruse scanner allows your oversized artwork and reflective originals to be reproduced revealing all texture and detail up to 40″ x 60″ with no artifacts. Originals, including stretched canvases, can be scanned through their glazing without removal from their frames. Scanning of other over-sized works is also available on a per project basis.
The LVT film recorder produces digital transparencies and black and white
negatives as large as 8″ x 10″ B & W negatives can be expertly reproduced
from your scanned prints to replace your lost or damaged originals.
Regardless of size or purpose, we expertly manage the digital archiving of your
edition and portfolios prints, artworks, mixed media and negatives.
From custom-made digital contact sheets to all types of media scanning, all services
are available on a per project basis for museums, corporations, agencies and individuals.