Isabelle Armand’s photographs published in the Acne Paper Winter 2012 issue.

Today marks the release of Acne Paper’s 14th issue featuring portrait, fashion, and art photography inspired by Manhattan. The bi-yearly international publication has selected to include seven images from the portfolio of Isabelle Armand in its Winter 2012 installment. The New York based photographer works exclusively with the scanning and pigment departments at Laumont to print her captivating images.

Isabelle Armand's seven photographs included in the most recent issue of Acne Paper

All of Armand’s photographs included in the publication were taken in New York City, where she enjoys creating work. Of the selected images, three are a part of the ongoing Artist Series that includes portraits of Gordon Parks, Leonardo Drew, and Sanford Biggers. The other four portraits belong to the Harlem Series that has been developing since 2001. The artist has graciously donated three prints of the published photographs to Human Rights Watch for a benefit auction that will take place in Paris on November 15, 2012.

One of the 3 covers of Acne Paper's 14th issue - a portrait of Mikhail Baryshnikov taken by Brigitte Lacombe


The previous issue of Acne Paper included work from Louise Bourgeois, Lillian Bassman, Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn, and many others. Interviews and memoirs accompany the beautiful photography presented in the magazine. The 14th issue has three different cover photographs taken by Brigitte Lacombe. The portraits adorning the publication are of Fran Lebowitz, Richard Serra and Mikhail Baryshnikov (another valued friend of Laumont).

Acne Paper is available to purchase online or in one of its many international locations.