Lynn Saville: exhibiting photographs in Boston and Santa Cruz

LYNN SAVILLE "Pepsi-Cola Sign" 2008 - New York

Currently on view at the Photographic Resource Center Gallery in Boston is a three person exhibition entitled The Space in Between: Daniel Feldman, Stefanie Klavens, and Lynn Saville.  The show opened on November 15 and runs through January 19, 2013.  Laumont had the pleasure of printing Lynn Saville’s photographs for the exhibition.

I have been a roamer of limbo regions, one of our last frontiers—places that seem unloved and overlooked, cracks in the urban facade. When I discover a site that attracts me, I return to it at dusk. The first few times, the atmospheric conditions or the artificial lighting may not be quite right. But on a subsequent visit, I may find that a streetlight has gone out, creating the odd shadow that renders the space more angular. I’m delighted by such discrepancies, which are nearly invisible during the daytime: the unexpected and asymmetric, the quietly out of kilter.
–    Read more about Lynn Saville’s work.

LYNN SAVILLE "Greenpoint, Brooklyn" 2011

Following the Boston exhibition, Saville will have a cprint included in Photo ID at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art in California.  Photo ID will run from March – August 2013.  The exhibition will include historic and contemporary photographs that focus on portraiture and representation of people.

I have also begun to appreciate the ghostly presence of fleeting figures in my pictures. Are they surrogates for me, actors hurrying across a set, or lost friends and relatives coming to people my nocturnal cityscapes? Whoever they are, these figures add to the feeling that something has just happened, that something is about to happen.
–    Lynn Saville

LYNN SAVILLE "Metropolitan Roof" 2002 - (included in "Photo ID")

THE SPACE BETWEEN: Daniel Feldman, Stefanie Klavens, & Lynn Saville
November 15, 2012 – January 19, 2013
Photographic Resource Center Gallery – Boston, MA

March – August 2013
Santa Cruz Museum of Art – Santa Cruz, CA