Henry Leutwyler at Laumont

Launched by Steidl on November 15th, Ballet contains over 270 photographs amidst 488-pages.  Leutwyler’s photographs will be on view at Michael Foley Gallery until January 6, 2013. Laumont would like to congratulate Henry Leutwyler on behalf of his exhibition and the release of Ballet.  We would also like to express our gratitude for our involvement with printing and framing the … Read More

Carmen Molina presents “Undercurrents”, the debut exhibition at Artion Gallery’s newest space.

Carmen Molina’s solo photography exhibition “Undercurrents” will be on view from December 6th through December 31st at Artion Gallery.  This exciting work was printed and mounted here at Laumont Studio.  We would like to congratulate the photographer on being selected as the debut exhibition for the gallery’s newest space in New York.  Artion Gallery, located at 275 Water Street in … Read More

Opening tonight: Anna Bella Geiger “Circa 1970” until January 19, 2013

Tonight in the Upper East Side, Henrique Faria Fine Art will host an opening for their current exhibition “Circa 1970”.  The presentation is an amalgamation of style and technique produced by Anna Bella Geiger.  The multi-media installation will display the artist’s experimental videos alongside collages, drawings, and photographs.  All of the work shown in the gallery was generated throughout the … Read More

Henry Leutwyler book signing today, November 27th; Exhibition on view until January 6, 2013

  Michael Foley Gallery is pleased to present Ballet, a photographic exploration of the New York City Ballet through the lens of Henry Leutwyler.  Opening on November 28th, the exhibition provides behind-the-curtain insight of the prestigious dance company. “Using his 35mm Leica, he explored the performers’ personal space and produced honest, unguarded moments of more than 80 dancers from the … Read More

Mickalene Thomas presents “Origin of the Universe” at the Brooklyn Museum

Laumont is proud to announce our participation in Mickalene Thomas’ premiere solo museum exhibition in New York. Origin of the Universe opens Friday September 28th at the Brooklyn Museum, in the Morris A. and Meyer Schapiro Wing on the 4th floor. Over the past year, the scanning, lightjet printing, mounting & framing departments at Laumont worked closely with the Brooklyn … Read More

“Rise and Fall of Apartheid: Photography and the Bureaucracy of Everyday Life” at the International Center of Photography

This Friday, September 14th, the International Center of Photography is opening their new exhibition, Rise and Fall of Apartheid: Photography and the Bureaucracy of Everyday Life. The entire museum will display approximately 500 photographs, artworks, films, videos, periodicals, posters, and documents together as a way to depict the impact of one of the most influential movements in the 20th century. … Read More

“Making Exhibition-Quality Prints: Tips from a Printer”

Interview with Laumont Studio’s Master Printer More information on this topic. About Laumont. Exhibition quality printing. Scanning for quality prints. PDN Online Feature- Making Exhibition Quality Prints: Tips From A Printer , July 03, 2012. “Making Exhibition-Quality Prints: Tips from a Printer… Photo District News: Are there things you think photographers could do better in order to work with their … Read More