Wyatt Gallery’s UV prints; a sensation!


Wyatt Gallery – UV printing at Laumont

We are proud to announce the opening of Wyatt Gallery’s exhibition, Subtext, at Foley Gallery. Laumont’s master printers produced his work directly onto dibond using our new, groundbreaking fine-art UV printer. Custom frames were built by our framing department to finalize Wyatt’s vision.

Subtext focuses on New York City subway advertising spaces during the transitional period between an advertisement and its eventual replacement; a brief moment when, theoretically, the canvas has been left blank. Wyatt, however, brings our attention to the beautiful yet “unintentional tableaux” that have been created in these advertising spaces as a result of “torn posters, paint, graffiti, and glue applied repeatedly over decades.” His images pay homage to “the masterful paintings by American abstract expressionism and French décollage art of the 1960s Nouveau Réalisme movement.” You can read more about Wyatt’s project in Foley Gallery’s press release.

on view January 21 through February 22

Foley Gallery

Wyatt Gallery “Subtext” at Foley Gallery