Kate Cordsen Opening

Kate Cordsen Photography

Opening reception October 22nd 6 – 8pm at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts.

Known for large format minimalist landscapes, Kate Cordsen produces ethereal and ambiguous images that evoke ideas of fragmented memories and temporality. Her compositions are often a calculated reduction to the most elemental forms. To achieve her muted, painterly images Cordsen experiments widely within the photographic medium. She often combines 19th century chemical methods with traditional film and digital technologies. Her landscapes are a hybrid study of both photography and painting. The final result is that her pieces possess a certain aesthetic that seems attainable only through the act of painting.  Cordsen’s spare aesthetic evolved from her travels to some of the most remote places on earth as well as years living in the Philippines and Japan.



Kate Cordsen
Her landscapes are, at first glance, simply meditative, but reveal impassioned and dramatic depths upon second and third looks.Artscope