Recent work by Dominick Talvacchio at Blue Star Contemporary in San Antonio

DOMINICK TALVACCHIO "Palpation 7 (Circle of Life of the Triangle Tessellation)" 2012 Pencil on paper 22" x 30"

We would like to announce the opening of a two-person exhibition featuring recent works by Dominick Talvacchio and Matt Irie. Lines & Other Curves opened last week at Blue Star Contemporary in San Antonio.  Talvacchio utilizes the Cruse scanner at Laumont to document the fine detail and subtle textures in his intricate drawings and prints. He has a number of drawings, prints, laser-cut pieces, and video works on view in the gallery.

Many of these works on paper and video pieces are referred to as “palpations,” suggesting the art of touching a body in order to sense a mysterious presence within it.Read more from the press release.

DOMINICK TALVACCHIO "Palpation 11 (Oblongs to Square) (i)" 2012 Laser-etching on museum board 6" x 6"

Emily Deason conducted an interview with both artists, which was included in the exhibition’s catalogue.  When asked about the development of their work prior to the show, Talvacchio answered:

I wanted to continue to pursue visual possibilities inspired by what I find to be particularly beautiful mathematical arrangements. I wanted to explore the real wellspring of mathematical beauty, something like its life force. In pushing this line, I came to understand it as a kind of erotic charge, and so the intention is to capture that charge with compositions that feel sensuous and austere at the same time.Read the full interview here.

Lines & Other Curves will be on view until February 16, 2013 at Blue Star Contemporary.  The gallery is located at 116 Blue Star in San Antonio, Texas.

DOMINICK TALVACCHIO "Kairouan Below" 2012 Pencil on paper 20" x 20"