Per-Anders Pettersson Releases Book & Speaks with Vogue

Per-Anders Pettersson's "Rainbow Transit," from Dewi Lewis Publishing 2013

Swedish-born Per-Anders Pettersson is known the world over for his beautiful yet politically-charged photography. His photos showcase his eye for fashion and beauty, while his focus on Africa tells the narrative of the changing global climate.

Watch Per-Anders Pettersson talk with Italian Vogue about the changes he’s seen in Africa in the last two decades.

The perception of Africa is that it is a dark continent, a huge continent with a lot of social issues and HIV, and genocide, and all of this political corruption, but Africa is an amazing continent… There’s much more awareness on what’s going in the rest of the world.

Over the past year, Mr. Pettersson has worked with Laumont’s scanning department on images for his book Rainbow Transit, which was just released this past month by Dewi Lewis Publishing.